What is Methodism? - a brief explanation

The Methodist Church is a mainstream world wide Christian Church. It works in partnership with other denominations whenever possible. But there are certain emphases in the Methodist culture which make it distinctive.

‘All can be saved’
Methodists hold an inclusive theology; no one is beyond the reach of God’s love.

John Wesley became aware of an immense sense of ‘blessed assurance’ at his conversion.

Living a holy life
Methodists are asked to surrender our lives to God’s will. ‘Social holiness’ is important.

A grassroots movement
Ordinary lay people have always played a major part in running the Church.

A Covenant with God
Methodists celebrate a special Covenant service annually, usually at the new year.

‘Born in song’
Singing our faith has always been important to Methodists. Charles Wesley wrote hundreds of well-loved hymns.

Small groups
Methodism began in the context of small groups of Christians seeking to take their faith seriously and apply it to their lives.

Methodists and the Bible
The Methodist founding documents emphasise a call to ‘scriptural holiness’

The Methodist ‘quadrilateral’
Methodists reflect using scripture, reason, tradition and the experience of God in our lives.

The Connexion
Methodists belong to local churches, but also feel part of a larger connected community, the Connexion.

A full explanation of all the above is available on the Methodist Church website.

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